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8/19/12 Things That You Might Want To Consider Socialism is the gateway to Communism and to dictatorships. Do a little study of history and learn what happened in Russia under Joseph Stalin, China under Mao Zedong, Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge And others. Anita Dunn , who served as white House communications director for a short time and was an advisor to President Obama, said in a high school graduation speech “ Mao Zedong and Mother Teresa are two of my favorite political philosophers.” Socialism is such a great sounding philosophy on paper, but it never seems to have a good ending. There is a report of a Russian submarine that has been playing with the dolphins in the gulf of Mexico recently. What would be the need for Obama care, if the Russians were to unleash a few missiles on this country. The President plans to cut back military spending, at a time when the world is getting more dangerous. He rescinded the plan to put a missile defense shield in eastern Europe, which alienated our allies in that region of the world. He pats Dmitry Medvedev on the arm and tells him to be patient, “I will have more flexibility after my reelection.” He treats our allies like poisonous snakes and cozies up to those that would do us harm. Erskine Bowles says that the Paul Ryan budget is sensible, straightforward, serious, and it cuts the budget deficit, just like we did, by $4 trillion. The President proposed a budget and it was voted down by the senate by a margin of 97 to 0. The President Asked Simpson and Bowles for a budget proposal, and as far as I know he totally ignored it. He asked for a bipartisan committee for a plan, and apparently it got the same treatment. Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, the man does not want a budget , he wants an open ended line of credit, and you can guess who will pay the principal plus interest. The President said that the private sector is doing fine, it’s the state and local governments that need help. Can we have more government employees than we have private sector folks that pay the tax that support the government? I don’t think that we are going to be a communist nation next week, but if we fail to teach our children the facts of economics it will come sooner than you think. Evidently those that are supposed to be educated are clueless, they don’t seem to realize that spending more than you have will eventually destroy you. When humans hear the dinner bell, they are just like a herd of animals, they want to be the first one to the trough. When wild eyed do gooders promise all kinds of goodies, there will be a stampede. It has been estimated that $12 trillion has been spent on the war on poverty, and as far as I know that is just what government has spent, and we still have poverty. The Democrats want to tax the rich, seems to me that they are the rich, just send in a few million extra when they pay their tax. If you think that the tax will only affect the rich you don’t have a clue, the rich don’t have enough to bail this mess out. It took us about 78 years of marvelous sounding ideas to reach this point and it can’t be fixed without some pain and suffering. Will the liberals be happy when this country has completely gone broke and every body is in soup lines. If you don’t pay attention to history, it will be your future, and ignorance is very expensive. Richard Feuilly    

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