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6/18/12 Are You Paying Attention

The President is saying, do you want to return to the last decade or move forward. The man is hoping that you have not been paying attention. Best that I remember, the Democrats took over the house and senate in 2006 and that is when things started to fall in the ditch. Democrats had control of house, senate and presidency after the mistake of electing a golfing campaigning man to the office of President in 2008, until 2010. The Democrats had two full years to work their magic and what did they do to restore the economy, wasted the whole time shoving Obama care down the throats of the people. Twenty six states have law suits against the health care act, if you only count 50 states, that means over half of the country is against the unaffordable care act. American people realized what a terrible mistake they had made in electing Democrats. Sadly ,there are still too many folks that think that they are too intelligent to be misled by a politician that promises them the moon and stars and wants to do all these marvelous things with other peoples money.

Are you paying attention to the gasoline prices, I think that gas will be $2.00 a gallon or less before the election. Surely there are not enough uninformed who don’t listen to Rush or Fox news to reelect the President on that basis. If by chance he is reelected, within six months after the election gasoline will be up to $4.00 or even more, because he has said we need to be paying the same as other countries. In fact energy secretary Stephen Chu would like to see the price of gasoline to be $10.00 per gallon, that is the kind of rocket scientist that the President surrounds himself with. If the price of gasoline was $10.00 and we are wasting millions of dollars on green energy boondoggles like Solyndra , inflation would eat your lunch, breakfast, and every thing else.

Most of you probably don’t know that Tombstone Arizona can’t repair a water line that was destroyed by a land slide, caused by a forest fire and a torrential rain. Well that is not exactly true, they can repair the line, if they use hand tools. In places the line is under twelve feet of rock and debris and other places it is suspended in mid-air. The federal government is getting too big when it prevents citizens access to water. How could repairing the water line do more damage than has already been done by the fire and torrential rains.

The President says congress is a do nothing congress, well he is half right. The house has sent numerous jobs bills to the senate, but leader Reed refuses to bring them up for a vote. Why is that I wonder, could it be that folks are not paying attention and the President can get away with telling half truths, a half truth is a lie. The senate has refused to pass a budget in over three years, is that not a violation of the constitution, I was under the impression that our law makers took an oath to defend and honor the constitution. The President defined marriage as one man one woman but instructs the justice department to not defend the defense of marriage act. Less than a year ago he said that he could not do anything about immigration without congress, but all of a sudden he pulls the authority out of thin air. He will try anything that will get him reelected, the laws and constitution of this country are meaningless to him. Put down the kool-aid and pay attention to what he does, not what he says.

Richard Feuilly

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tvc on 2013-12-22 wrote:
Exceptional entry! I found it very interesting. I'll check back later to see if more posts are added.

anonymous on 2013-11-21 wrote:
I love your wp format, where did you get a hold of it?

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anonymous on 2013-09-13 wrote:
Brilliant, cheers, I will visit again soon!

Miranda Garrettson on 2013-09-12 wrote:
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Syed on 2012-10-02 wrote:
I doubt anyone has read any of the vesrions in their entirety. I also doubt anyone will. How is it that this is suddenly a crime against humanity? Complex bills are always hundreds of pages and they are never read by a single congressional member in their entirety nor do they need to be.Big Daddy: I think in your haste to complain about fdm you missed her point: If not reading the bill is bad why only complain about the Left when the Right are equally guilty? Its a fair point that you and the asker missed in your zeal to whine about the Dems. TYPICAL.

Nie on 2012-09-29 wrote:
Texas still has a long way to go. There's too many public seotcr workers, too many trial lawyers' too many liberals and too many lazy bastards that don't work on my dime. Besides those problems, there's also too much of the GDP used by the government.

Barbera Cavaluzzi on 2012-08-22 wrote:
no it also think the same way... the price is as well high.....definitely amusing submit

anonymous on 2012-08-14 wrote:
i didn't even see something like this before because of the scarcity of this type of information.


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