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11-15-11 Occupiers Represent What Have you noticed how neat and clean the occupiers are and how they leave the area in better shape than it was before they came. All is calm and very compliant with the rules and regulations. No rapes or thievery or violence of any kind, such a nice and well behaved crowd. No bigotry or racism to be found in their midst. Now let us take a look at those racist and possible terrorist, that Nancy Pelosi referred to. You know that bunch of tea party thugs carrying those flags with rattle snakes painted on. Why would anyone want to follow the constitution, and keep more of their hard earned money. Comrade Obama has already called it a flawed document, because it restrains government. I agree whole heartily with Mr. Darwin Yeary, when he says that this is not the prosperous America, that many of us grew up in. I have a different opinion about how we arrived at the scene of this disaster. In the neighborhood that I and my wife lived in as children, there were no welfare checks, there were government commodities that were available, but neither of our families took advantage of the programs. It was considered unethical in some circles to take things that you had not earned. I believe if world war two had not ended the depression, and F.D. R was still president, we would still be plowing up cotton and wheat, because Democrats, love nothing better than telling the peasants what when and where. President Kennedy, said ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. Then along came President Johnson, with his war on poverty, and it looks like it is going to exceed his wildest expectations. There are more people on food stamps, welfare, and unemployment, at any time in the history of this nation. L.B. J. could not have achieved such great success on his own. With the help of President Carter, and the community reinvestment act, and coercing banks to make risky loans. President Clinton pushed the banks to make loans that were beyond risky. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac run by Democrats is the reason for the housing market and the stock market to collapse in 2008. President Obama certainly inherited a mess, but instead of laying all the blame on Republicans, he needs to look at stupid Democrat ideas that have not worked and will not work. The jobs bill that the president is waving around, will only increase the debt. He is going to hire more teachers, police, fireman, and government employees. If there are no private sector jobs providing tax revenue to the federal treasury, how can these jobs be sustained. For instance, for easy calculation you earn 50,000 dollars in a public sector, job that would put you in the 15% tax bracket, your tax would be $7500.00. I am reasonably sure that the jobs bill is good for only one year, so if revenue is not received from the private sector, looks like your next years salary would be $7500.00 providing government shipping and handling had not taken a big chunk out. If the occupiers represent the middle class working folks, I pray to God that I never reach that rung of the ladder. If we don’t vote comrade Obama and his czars out of power you haven’t seen anything yet. They are out to destroy our country. Richard Feuilly

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