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10/9/11 Hypocrites Supreme Herman Cain is being criticized for his lack of foreign policy experience. Let us examine Mr. Obama’s foreign policy experience. Mr. Obama lived in Indonesia as a child, traveled to Pakistan and India with some friends as a young man. Why was there no concern over the fact that Mr.. Obama had no foreign experience, but all of a sudden Mr. Cain is not qualified because he has no foreign policy experience. Herman Cain has more accomplishments, than Mr. Obama, will ever have. I believe that Mr. Cain would vote yes or no in place of just present like Senator Obama did. So many times. Mr. Cain has proven that he has the ability to surround himself with well qualified people, and that is what it takes to be successful leader. No person can be knowledgeable in all areas, not even a ditch digger such as myself. I am really relieved, that Nancy Palosie has drained the swamp and gotten rid of all the corruption in Washington D.C. As long as there is money involved, there will be those that will take advantage of the opportunity to make a fast dollar. The people protesting on Wall Street and other places, want to put the bankers in jail. There are those that probably need to be punished. We need to look at the whole picture, that will include elected officials, from President Carter and his community reinvestment act, President Clinton, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and too many Democrats to name. Franklin Raines, Jamie Gorelick, Jim Johnson, were not elected officials, but they were hip deep in the Fannie and Freddie disaster. Just for your education, you need to do a web search on Jamie Gorelick. Comparatively speaking Al Capone was a first grader. The protesters are angry at the Republicans, but there are more ultra wealthy Democrats. Herman Cain was being badgered by a reporter, who accused him of just being lucky. Mr. Cain responded by saying “ Luck is what happens when preparation and opportunity meet”. There are those who say Mr. Cain has no political resume. What a refreshing thought of having someone leading the country who has lived off of the fruits of his labor, rather than off the fruits of the tax payers. Does it seem odd, that Jeremiah Wright lives in a mostly white, gated community, after railing against rich white people? Seems to me that liberals hate rich people, but love to be rich. Some of the protestors want to replace capitalism, but they don’t know what they would put in it’s place. They can look around the world and see what happens when socialism or communism is put in place. I can’t believe that there are those who are not aware of the long lines in Russia, hoping to get a loaf of bread when communism was the order of the day. I knew a gentleman that came to America from Russia, and many times I heard him say Russia is a good country, good people, good land, but government, not worth a damn. The president want’s his jobs bill passed now. Seems that we have had a couple of his solutions already, and according to Albert Einstein “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insanity” He wants to tax the rich, in the words of George Bernard Shaw” A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul. Richard Feuilly

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Datta on 2012-07-24 wrote:
Unfairly places too much of the buedrn on low income families while excluding high net worth individuals who's primary income is either dividends, or, as (many are, or can be classified to be) business owners, they can convert current income to dividends and pay no tax.The 9% tax on all purchases including food will place a further extraordinary buedrn on those least able to afford it, and this tax is in addition to state, county and local taxes therefore many will actually pay 19+% of essential goods and services. No wonder even the Cain economist' is backing away from this critical step in the plan and is suggesting a replacement 9% payroll tax so either way, those at the lowest end of the economic ladder will get hit the hardest.And, finally, this is only an interim step in Cains plan the final step is to replace the 9,9,9 with a 30% federal sales tax in addition to those pesky state, county and local taxes mentioned above, on all purchases including goods and services. How about paying almost 50% more than you're currently paying for groceries, prescriptions, etc just to support government?The only winners are the rich! It's a great plan for them but since they account for 1%, it further exacerbates the problem.

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