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Idiots Strike Again


The Irrigation waters to the San Joaquin valley was turned off to protect the Delta Smelt Minnow. That brilliant move, placed a unbelievable hardship on the farming community in the valley. There were reports of 40% unemployment in some of the farming communities. The fruit and nut trees in some areas dried up and died. The loss of production in this fertile valley caused the price of food to escalate, which is what we all need. I would like to know where President Obama, and Fed chairman Bernanke  buy their groceries and gasoline. They keep saying we need to worry about deflation, not inflation. Evidently a ditch digger is too dumb to understand Harvard  math. Now, let us consider the Sage Brush Lizard. Oil and Gas drilling in Texas and New Mexico is in danger of  being curtailed, all in the name of a lizard. Have you noticed that endangered species seem to appear in places that are lucrative oil and gas properties. The Permian Basin is one of the richest resources of oil and gas in the united states. Permits have not been issued for drilling off the coast of Alaska. Shell oil spent five years and 4 billion dollars preparing to drill this summer, but the EPA found a T not crossed or an I not dotted and refused to issue a permit. I  never cease to be amazed. There seems to be no end to the idiotic things that concern the inhabitants of this planet. Lizards, minnows, owls, wolves, and a whole host of vermin that that can adapt to what ever it takes to survive. If worse comes to worse, they will move to town like the feral hogs and coyotes. Every species on this planet is of more value than humans, it makes no difference, if jobs are lost, families are put in dire financial straits, as long as we show compassion for the animal kingdom. Are you aware of the Red Army For Animal Emancipation.              I won’t be surprised  if liberals try to register bugs to vote     The exception to these proposed sweeping  protections, is the human fetus. And God said, let us make man  in our image, after our likeness:  and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. GENESIS 1-26 . That covers it for me as far as the animal kingdom is concerned, and where the fetus is concerned, I refer you to EXODUS 20-13. PS  To check full article on bug rights, type  (red army for animal emancipation) in your search box, hope it is not true, but afraid it is. Richard Feuilly

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